LACKFA Polyurethane Foams

LACKFA focused on formulating polyurethane systems under the brand name “LAMOLTAN®”

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LACKFA polyurethane foams

• Founded 1945
• Product portfolio in the beginnings: lack-, dispersions- and grounding paints
• Development of seamless coatings for antidrumming (PHONKILLER®), noise
reduction and regulation of condensed water on metallic surfaces
• More than 60 years: Development and formulation of Polyurethane – Rigid Foam
Systems with the trading name LAMOLTAN®
• Cuttings from PUR and PIR – Rigid Foam blocks

Range of application for LAMOLTAN® –
Polyurethane – Rigid Foam Systems
• Polyurethane – in situ foam for thermal and cold insulations in industrial
installations, f.e. tanks, pipes, cold storage chambers
• Thermal insulation of freezer furnitures, freezer containers, refrigerated
trucks, boilers
• Sandwichpanels of wall and roof panel, doors, sectional panels, garage
• Filling of cavities: boats, hulls
• Flotation of rescue boats
• Sun protection, roller shutter casings, roller shutter profiles
• Moulding parts

Opened cells or closed cells pu

LAMOLTAN® Fire Coating

Fire Coating – in all situations where a higher level of flame protection is required. Our fire coatings can be used to manufacture flame retardant spray foam insulation.

Fire Coating Typ A
is a protective dispersion-based coating containing halogen-free flame retardant agents.
With Fire Coating Type A, a dark grey coating is applied to the surface of the polyurethane rigid foam. With this coating, spray foam insulation with LAMOLTAN® B2-S7-25-0 vs satisfies the flame retardancy requirements according to EN 13501-1 (B s3 d0).
This is confirmed by the classification report KB 3.1/15-081-2 issued by MFPA Leipzig on 05. May 2015.

When combined with Fire Coating Type B, a light coloured paint can be applied to the fire protection coating. The flame retardancy in this case has also been confirmed by MFPA Leipzig.
(KB 3.1/15-411-3 dated 09. March 2016, classification C s2 d0)

Please contact us if you require more information.

LAMOLTAN® – rigid foam systems for specific areas of application:

In- situ foam

LAMOLTAN® – in-situ foam (operational equipment: storage tanks, fermentation tanks, tanks for chemicals and food, pipework, etc.)

PUR/PIR – in-situ foam

Installation of operational equipment, in-situ foam to AGI Q 138:

Polyurethan (PUR)- In-situ foam (water/CO2-blown) for heat and low-temperature insulation in operational equipment; characteristics, manufacturing, implementation of insulation systems

System series:


Thermal insulation materials for building services and operational equipment in the industry to DIN EN 14319-1:

DIN EN 14319-1: Thermal insulation materials for building services and operational equipment in the industry – thermal insulation material made of polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) cast foam manufactured at the application site – part 1: Specification for the foam system prior to installation; German version EN 14319-1:2013

System series: B2-G56

Fire performance of rigid foams:
B2 (DIN 4102-1) or E (DIN EN 13501-1)

Fire performance of assemblies:
B1 (= flame retardant to DIN 4102-1) according to general appraisal certificate P-SAC 02/IV-32 Third-party monitoring by MFPA Leipzig GmbH (society for materials research and testing institute for the construction industry in Leipzig, Germany)


LAMOLTAN® – Spray foam
A seamless and jointless polyurethane thermal insulation can be applied using our 2-component polyurethane spray foam systems. Challenging surface geometries can also be effectively insulated.

PUR spray foam can also be used in the agricultural sector to insulate potato stores or cattle sheds, for example. It can also be used as internal insulation in industrial and residential buildings on basement ceilings and inner and outer roof surfaces.

Our spray foam systems
DS 5 (certified system for flat roofs, Broof t1 up to 45 °)
B2-S7-25-0 vs (certified system for in/ou walls, fireclass with firecoating type A Bs3 d0)
B2-S7-25-0-vspv (certified system for in/ou walls, pitch roofs and foundations)
B2-S7-25-0-vspv eco M1 (certified system for in/ ou walls, pitch roofs and foundations)
B2-S7-40-0-vspv (certified for foundations, flat roofs, fireclass Broof t1 up to 20 °)
B2-S7-151-0 vspv (primer for cold surfaces so called winterfoam)