Polyurea parking deck solution, why you need it?

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    "TOUGH DECKING" flexible, tough, resilient monolithic membrane with water and chemical resistance that can be specified in a non-slip finishes


    Advantages of Polyurea:
    • Highest performance waterproofing and coating on the market – cracking, high temperature tolerance, vapor barrier, non cracking, elastic, breaking elongation> 300%
    • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
    • fast drying time (in seconds)
    • resistant to winter spike tires
    • polyurea is easy to repair and quite easy to detect where there is a leak (water barrier and topcoat all in one).
    • helps prevent problems such as oil spills that can get from the upper deck to the lower deck on a car bonnet
    • polyurea protects concrete from any problems such as water, salts, oils, chemicals. Repairing or cleaning is significantly cheaper and easier.
    • the entire cover is very easy to renew.

    NB! Later coating of concrete with polyurea will certainly be more expensive than installing it in the construction phase of the object!
    The main price increase is due to the improvement of concrete and the amount of groundwork!

    What is doing oil for concrete or asphalt?

    See the following pictures.