Polyurethane Foam Application For Ships

End-to-end solutions for insulation, buoyancy and protective coatings for all vessels

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Ship insulation

  • Insulation with PUR for cargo-holds, fish factory insulation, freon pipes and cryogenic insulation
  • Increasing buoyancy, strenghtness and safety with hydrophobic PUR
  • Polyurea protective coating for longlife requirements

How the Process Works
We are providing various types of PUR foam works and polyurea protective coatings for vessels and use only the best quality and certified products!

As an example, we use special hydrophobic PUR foam (with LLOYD certificate) in our projects, which guarantees better buoyance, strength and safety for all vessels.

For cargo holds, refrigerators and freon pipes we are installing spray or dispending foams, which guarantee low thermal conductivity in the treated areas.

Polyurea protective coatings are offered for places, where is high demand against salts, water, humidity, oils and chemicals.

What We Offer
Cargo-hold cold storage insulation
Fishing trawlers insulation
Cryogenic insulation
Freon pipes insulation
Buoyancy foam installation
Protective coating application

buoyancy foam for ships