PROKOL Polyurea Solutions

Prokol is specialized in the development and production of polyurea hotspray (fast-set) coatings. For Europe Prokol is one of the leading manufacterer these remarkable systems. With over more than 25 years of experience with polyurea, we may say that we have become a real pioneer in this field.

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PROKOL polyurea

Prokol has a global reach. Their dedicated team assist in the Management of all our client relationships. Prokol are the quality and management system ensuring that the products and all applications are delivered to the highest standards, meeting all client and project expectations flawlessly. Their applicators adhere to strict quality control guidelines for each project that are managed on a daily basis by our quality control plan management system. We are independently professionally audited for our quality control processes to ensure client satisfaction.

We provide Seamless Coatings for:

  • flat roofing
  • tanking
  • flooring
  • concrete waterproofing
  • asbestos encapsulation
  • available in any ral colour
  • anti-slip surface to BS7979 certification
  • potable water certified
  • fire rated
  • chemical bund lining

If its not CE Certified there is a reason. Through experience when trouble shooting on failed projects always make sure your application is fully certified and the system comes from one manufacturer guaranteeing full compatible chemical cross linking. This results in positive adhesion properties and a long term Manufacturer Warranty.

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