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Professionalism Hercules is a professional polyurea formulator firm from its periphery to its core. They don’t just ‘sell’ recruitment services, they create effective professional recruitment solutions for their clients and applicators. When both the product and technical know how they deliver, and the client and applicator being served, are one unit, it is imperative for professionalism to be a core driver of the polyurea technology. We do not deviate from this imperative.

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HERCULES polyurea

Established as a familiy business in the year 1960,  Hercules GmbH turned out to be the first contact for solutions in the range of polyurea coating technology Europe-wide during the past few years. In the year 1989 , Hercules processed, at that time for the first time in Austria, polyurethane-based spray-elastomers  and therefore opened the „gates of coating“ to the future of the mechanical processing for many following users.
Always one step ahead, interested and open-minded, ,Hercules started in the mid 90s as one of the first companies in Europe, with the professional processing of polyurea. So that now on  one hand we can proudly look back on a grown , innovative company tradition and on the other,  we are looking forward full of curiosity and with keen anticipation.

One of the most important corporate ideologies – which is significantly conducive to the continual success of our company – is the high significance o f a permanently good quality. For that reason it came to the extremely joyous and desired co-operation with the American chemist Dudley Primeaux II, the pioneer and developer of the first polyurea-spray-elastomer – not without a reason known as the „pope of polyurea“. With his name he stands for 100% quality of his formulations for our company.


Hercules spray robot

Polyurea is the result of a chemical reaction between an aromatic or aliphatic Isocyanat and a resin mixture component (polyamine).

Those real 2-Component Systems are usually called “High-Speed-Coatings” because of their unbelievable short reaction time (2-15 seconds).

The real claim to fame of Polyurea is the fact, that the reaction happens between the 2 Components and without Catalysts, contrary to the Polyurethane Systems.

Polyurea therefore forms a chemical cross-link, which is constantly stable against  everyday wear and tear( e.g. Temperatur, UV rays, Water prove, highly chemical resistant.

Major Advantages:
Very fast manufacturing (faster “return to service” for the client)
No!! “VOC´s” (volatile organic components) and little or no smell
Solvent and softener free
Extremely temperature durable  (from -22 F to +305°F)
flexible (Systems with up to  600% )
extremely water-resistant
applicable without seam and crack
unlimited thickness possible with one application
excellent bonding to well prepped surfaces
highly durable against chemicals and acids
open to diffusions
resistant against roots and microbes